New Rules for a Digital Age

Ebay Tea cosy

New Rules for a Digital Age

Everyone has self imposed rules in their life.  Brush your teeth twice a day, avoid your partner till you have had your morning coffee and don’t cross the road when the green man’s flashing.  But in a digital world what are the new rules we need to live by?

I have two that I find very practical don’t post Blogs and DO NOT go on Ebay while drunk!

Go ahead and write your blogs, in word or similar word processing format and hide them away until the cold sober light of day.  The words may flow and seem hysterically funny at 11.30pm but perhaps the joke will be on you if you post them at midnight.  Just wait a few hours until you prize yourself out bed.  Then wearing your morning pillow creased face review the copy & just check before you post.

In the same vein DO NOT go on Ebay drunk.  What seemed very funny and worth the £1.99, with postage at an additional £16.99 because you didn’t check, won’t be so funny in a few days when the postman knocks on your door bearing ‘gifts’.

We’ve all done it that knitted tea cosy with spring lamb, ewe and rabbit looked great, but why did you think that your office needed a trimphone? It doesn’t work and isn’t classic retro.

As Weird Al Yankovic says, “A smurf TV tray, I bought on Ebay“.

Our Postman has a certain ‘look’ when he hands me strangely shaped parcels that could have been part of Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day (25th Jan).

Wrapped buy a mad man, you pick up the scissors to find the item is packed with hamster bedding that explodes all over the kitchen table and floor.  How can parcels smell musty on the outside?

Do you have any new rules to share?

Please Note:
Many thanks to Tracy for allowing me to use her fab teapot photograph in my Blog. The Organic veg plot tea cosy is a wonder!

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4 Responses to New Rules for a Digital Age

  1. PS says:

    I’ve never been on e-bay when drunk, but I have used my credit card on-line when tired and emotional to discover 6 weeks later that what I had thought was a one-off purchase was in fact a monthly payment for something I did not want. Also, I have never blogged when not in full control of all of my faculties [so far as I can remember] but I have used facebook, and then had to get up at 4 o’clock the next morning desperate to find out exactly what I had said. One learns – but it’s expensive. Shame there isn’t an automatic ‘cut-out when over the limit’ option on the internet

  2. Jo says:

    Hi, Pete
    FB can haunt you. You can use the handy remove button on the right of your ‘status’ updates just under options. But think before your FB is probably in order. Jo

  3. Pete C. says:

    Hi Jo – new site’s looking great!

    As a copywriter, I always try to schedule in time to give words one last edit a while after I’ve written them – either next morning or later that day. So the ‘cold light of day’ is a great rule. It’s not quite as good as getting someone else to look at what you’ve written, but it’s the next best thing and makes a big difference to a piece.

    I suppose I also try not to work when I’m drunk. Well, not too drunk…

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