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Crisis Communications

Preparing Your Response – conventional broadcast media and social media.

CIPR North West’s Merseyside+ sub-committee event
Freshly Squeezed breakfast briefing

Date: Friday 27 April 2012
8.30am start and continental breakfast, presentations 8.45am, finish at 9.45am
Cost: £15.00 CIPR members and £20.00 to non-members plus VAT (£18.00 / £24.00)
Location: HSE Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside L20 7HS, This event has been kindly supported by the Health & Safety Executive team. HSE Redgrave Court MAP

CIPR North West’s Merseyside+ sub-committee is delighted to host a ‘Freshly Squeezed’ breakfast briefing on crisis communications. We will be sharing insights on preparing your response to a crisis through both conventional broadcast media and social media channels.

Jeni Beattie from Accolade Media Training will explore the key principles necessary for forming a crisis news management strategy. Preparation of effective key messages, and the integration of conventional and social media channels, are vital. A former journalist, Jeni’s insight is based on over twenty years’ experience at the sharp end of issue management. She has helped many clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear and FMCG businesses put across powerful, positive and persuasive messages – even when faced with a hostile media!

Simon Wharton from PushON will provide advice on preparations you can make before a crisis breaks on social media. He is a trusted and innovative digital practitioner, having his finger on the pulse of all things digital. Simon and his team work in collaboration with a number of PR companies, providing a complete online marketing, viral, SEO and social media solution.

Why you need to employ a digital marketing agency?

Most companies don’t have the budget to hire a team of marketers — the average salary of a digital marketing manager is USD77,000/year and this number might be higher depending on where you’re based. There’s also a variety of other reasons why hiring a team is tricky, and I covered them here.

I’ll outline a few different reasons to consider when thinking about hiring outside digital marketing help.

You need a digital presence and you can’t do it all yourself

A lot depends on the industry that you’re in, but more often than not you need a digital presence. Your customer is likely googling you and your competitors, comparing all the different options that they have. If you don’t have an (at least acceptable) online presence, your customers might just go with your competitor instead.

While everybody understands that having a website or social media can be a benefit or lead to more sales, they don’t know what to do beyond setting up the sites — build it and then what?

Unless you have a lot of time to create content, manage your website/social media, you’re not going to get much value out of it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will take a lot of time. And if your core business/expertise isn’t in digital marketing, you won’e be able to handle these effectively or efficiently.

Please join us to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. This hour-long briefing will provide the insights, information and advice you are looking for.

Book a place:
Contact: for more details, email Linda O’Neil or call 0845 331 2287

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