Wardrobe Shame

I have finally got around to my New Year’s resolution…it’s only July!

I have finally sorted my wardrobe out, thanks to a very wet rainy Saturday. My plan was to clear a wardrobe with a collapsed rail out in January, sort of wardrobe de-tox.

I even placed a comment on the wonderful Verite Reily Collins’s blog

On 5 January I wrote,
“Embarrassingly I have a wardrobe in my sons room with a collapsed hanging rail, I opened door & hurriedly squashed it shut. All the clothes have been lying on the floor for over a month.  So your encouragement is perfect timing.  All quality items will go to a Cancer Research charity shop & the ‘rags’ will go to a local charity who do clothing recycling here on Anglesey.
This is the type of De-tox I can DO! Regards, Jo”

My wardrobe still looked like this in July, some plan.

After an hour it looked like this.

After 3 hours and a bit of DIY (with shouting – only way to do DIY in my book) I had finished.
Although I now realise I need to mend the door – perhaps I will plan this in for 2013?
The best thing was the donation I made to the charity shop.

My car boot looked like this, hurray.

I hope someone enjoys my ill fitting shoes and discarded clothes.
Much better to recycle than things just sitting gathering dust.
What’s next on the list?

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5 Responses to Wardrobe Shame

  1. Loved the photos, but how brave of you. I would never dare photograph my blunders!

  2. Betsan Rowlands says:

    Ha,ha!! I remember your wardrobe collapse. It makes me feel better about my wardrobe chaos but also makes me feel my sort out is WELL overdue.Not this weekend though as I’m going up Snowden, next weekend? Oh! I’m going to London…..& so it goes. The wardrobe’s going nowhere though! You are brave,Jo!

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